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Informed Investor Webinar Series Speaker Lineup

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We're excited to announce our speaker lineup and topics for our fall Informed Investor webinar series. For more info and to register, check out our events page.

Navigating the Markets

Matthew Davis, CFP®

Founder and Partner at Sherwood Financial Partners

Thursday, October 8th, 1pm PST

Tune in to hear from our founder, Matthew Davis, as he shares our latest thoughts on the current state of the financial markets as well as how we have positioned ourselves to weather potential risks on the horizon. We'll discuss current market valuations, the present state of the economy, and revisit portfolio fundamentals. Make sure to register on our events page so that you can submit any questions or topics you would like to hear Matthew to address.

Estate Planning for a Secure Future

Sasha L. Collins

Of Counsel Attorney at Myers, Widders, Gibson, Jones & Feingold, LLP

Thursday, October 15th, 1pm PST

Representing clients on matters involving all aspects of trusts and estates, from planning to post death administration, Sasha brings a breadth of knowledge on how to plan for the future. Tune in to hear her thoughts on what makes for a secure estate plan including relevant insights on the importance of medical directives, making sure your assets are in your trust, and how to choose an effective trustee.

Investing for Good

Hannah Boundy, CFA®, CFP®

Founder and Partner at Sherwood Financial Partners

Thursday, October 22nd, 1pm PST

Hannah will be sharing her thoughts on socially responsible business practices and why businesses who seek to do good are gaining a greater presence in both consumer purchasing patterns and in the financial markets. She'll offer her take on what it means to be a socially responsible firm and as well as how Sherwood Financial Partners is taking steps of our own to join the ranks of companies seeking to do better business for their customers, employees, and the world at large.

What's Next for Taxes

Tim Savage, CPA

Senior Tax Manager at Weaver

Thursday, October 29th, 1pm PST

Tim joins us from Weaver where he provides federal and state tax planning, compliance, and advisory services for individuals and businesses of all sizes. With previous experience at a Big Four firm where he served multi-billion dollar public companies, banks and private equity firms, Tim is uniquely positioned to share his thoughts on what's next for tax law and what it means for you as an individual.



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