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Meet Our Team

Financial advice is only as good as the advisors behind it. 

Our team is committed to providing you the highest standards of care through pursuing and maintaining the most respected credentials in the industry. Learn more about our group and why they do what they do.


Matthew Davis, CFP®

Lead Legacy Advisor

Founding Partner

With a breadth of knowledge across many disciplines, Matthew is responsible for coordinating amongst our various specialists as well as outside counsel to ensure your plan comes together seamlessly. Additionally, he is jointly responsible for managing all of Sherwood's investment strategies.

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Hannah Boundy, CFA®, CFP®

Director of Business Operations 

Founding Partner

With a background in both investing and operations, Hannah co-manages Sherwood's portfolios with Matthew Davis. She works with the rest of the team to align clients' investments with the rest of their legacy plan. She also runs Sherwood's back office, ensuring the entire team has everything they need to serve our clients well.

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Vincent Chambers, Esq.

General Counsel

Vincent splits his time between servicing the internal regulatory needs of the firm and providing insight into clients' potential legal needs. With a background in contract and real estate law, Vincent is uniquely positioned to serve clients with small business and real estate assets as well as estate planning needs. Additionally, he often serves as a liaison between an individual's financial planning needs and outside counsel.

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Yvonne Darby

Financial Planner/Client Accounts Manager

Yvonne serves Sherwood clients in various capacities, including building and maintaining their financial plans and opening and maintaining client accounts. With a background in operations, she is particularly skilled at ensuring individuals can get quick, effective solutions to their logistical needs.

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Michael Davis, CPA®

Tax and Business Consultant

With an extensive background in tax and corporate audit, Michael provides our firm with extensive expertise regarding tax rules and business acumen. He provides insight into complex client tax needs and has experience as a tax preparer. Michael also has experience as an in-house business consultant and has served as an interim executive for small to medium size businesses in transition. 

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